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Mothers and Daughters Club Assisting Philanthropies (MADCAPS)

Welcome to our website.  This is our portal of communication to the public and our membership. We hope that you find the website easy to navigate and full of useful information. “The purpose of MADCAPS, as a private, nonprofit organization, is to involve mothers and daughters in direct service to and support of established philanthropic organizations.”

I am truly delighted to serve as your President.  It is inspiring to work with the wonderful philanthropies and mothers and daughters of this organization.  I joined MADCAPS as a Junior member and it is here where I knew that philanthropic work was a way of life. Connecting with our community, finding common ground, and making a difference to those in need, allow us to grow and become open to new perspectives and make a positive impact. Isn’t this is why we said YES to MADCAPS, to make a substantial impact in both service and financial support?

As we proceed through our upcoming year, let’s remember we all are very fortunate to be a part of MADCAPS and we are here as volunteers coming together to support each other and our community.  Kindness and empathy are two guiding principles I hope you will use when asked to help out, make adjustments, and support each other.  Show that you can keep an open mind, be flexible, be role models, and be inclusive. If you believe in doing things wholeheartedly, then you are in the right place.

Thousands of Mothers and Daughters before us have stepped up when asked, and made an enormous impact to those in need. It is now our turn to continue the tradition and expand the livelihood.

The Board of Directors look forward to supporting you as you become genuinely involved and connect to our organization and the organizations it supports.  Linger in the happiness of being a truly active member. Engage with each other, share your talents, take risks, deepen your friendships, reach out to each other, and have fun.  The more you put into MADCAPS the more you get out. Our joint efforts yields significant and meaningful results in our community!



MADCAPS President 2018-2019


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